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Biotin Plus Nettex 1kg

Nettex Biotin Plus delivers 50mg of Biotin per feed, combined with other selected key ingredients formulated to maintain strong and healthy hooves. Nettex Biotin Plus can be fed all year round and provides all of the key ingredients to help horses maintain strong, healthy hooves making it ideal for horses with problem feet, such as those with weak and brittle hooves.

  • Delivers 50mg of Biotin per feed.
  • Contains all of the key ingredients needed to support and maintain healthy hoof growth.
  • Supports consistent improvement to maintain healthy feet.
  • Feeding high levels of Biotin has been shown to be beneficial to maintain strong and healthy hooves.
  • Aids in the formation and strength of Keratin, the protein that constitutes much of the hoof wall.
  • Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Also promotes healthy skin and coat – rapid improvement in coat condition.
  • Suitable to be fed all year round.
  • Supports excellent general health and vitality


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