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Inuteq Cooling vest NANUQ


This INUTEQ H2O evaporative cooling vest is a lightweight and easy to (re) activate cooling vest.
Sporty design for multi-use during work, sport & leisure applications.
Wearing these products can prevent heat stress symptoms, it remains comfortably cool and the performance may improve as a result.
Color; black gray
Sizes; XXS / XS, S / M, L / XL, XXL / XXXL
Outside material; 100% nylon.
Between Material; INUTEQ H20 Super absorption cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment.
Inner material; 100% nylon (water-repellent)
The best performing the INUTEQ-H2O products in low to medium air humidity environments and where there is sufficient air flow can reach the body. The amount of air flow in the body determines the cooling effect.
This cooling vest;
1) is antibacterial and machine washable
2) is easy to use and reuse
3) lightweight, non-toxic and durable
4) CE certified
Activation is simple. . Max just 2 minutes soaking in clean water and squeeze gently the excess water - the vest is ready to wear.
Instantly provides a pleasant and comfortable cooling for 2 to 8 hours, this depends on the ambient temperature, humidity and amount of air flow.